The SSB Team:

XE2KB/Ricardo, WA5SAJ/Larry, W5SB/Bill, KG5U/Dale, N5RP/Bob, K5NZ/Mike

BAND Raw QSOs Valid QSOs Points Mults



160SSB 213 211 633 47

80SSB 799 783 2343 56

40SSB 1396 1350 4044 58

20SSB 1466 1443 4323 58

15SSB 2382 2273 6807 58

10SSB 1941 1891 5661 48


Totals 8197 7951 23811 325

Final Score = 7738575 points.

Not the kind of score we had hoped for but man did we have some fun!

After starting the contest with 1000 Q's in the first 3 hours we thought we were on the way to a competitive finish. NOT! The electric is limited at this location so the second station is run on a generator. The main station lost power for a couple of hours while we made repairs. (see photos!)The second station rig died Sat. night and the back up Icom did not have a mic or headset with it so we rigged a Heil on it, but it didn't make enough audio to make the vox work so we rigged a foot switch (see photos!) to give it a try. One of my first QSO's was with N5KO and Trey told me with a laugh, he had been there too! Then the generator died so we didn't have to deal with that problem any longer! OK now we can MS it to the end.

Man was 15 and 10 a hoot! With both radios going on Sat afternoon we had hour after hour of 450+ rate! Think we could have been close to that Sunday as we still had 200+ with the single rig jumping between 15 and 10 all afternoon.

I (K5NZ) want to thank those on 160 that worked so hard on Friday night to make it. Our Bev switch box died and we had no ears. If there is anything I hate, it's being a gator! No offense Ralph! We made repairs for Sat night and had at least one Bev NE to use.

See ya next year.... maybe!


Enjoy the photos:

N5RP and Enrique at our usual Thursday night party

Dinner at "The Old Mans Hideout"

Our chef at work in the kitchen, yes that is an axe he is using to slice up our goat!

N5RP the picture of happiness

WA5SAJ said he made more QSO's on 80 than he has total in his own log!

Here is what our best ops do the most of!

N5RP operating

N5RP operating some more, he really has the rate up now!

KG5U really digging em' out

W5SB Chow Time!

W5SB/WA5SAJ Serving breakfast on the veranda

RP/KG5U Sleeping for real now!

W5SB making it happen on 15

KG5U On fire on 15m

K5NZ Are we having fun yet?

The Boys have had it late Sunday!

XE2KB taking care of cleaning out 15/10 Sunday afternoon

Now the Fun Stuff!

You say it sez 70 volts?

OK Bob, get up that pole and take a look!

Marybeth, they made me do this! Am I insured?

Check out this repair job, glad I had jumper cables in my truck!

OK guys I think we're back on the air! Nice Foot Switch!!!

Well not for long, the trusty Honda dies! (Don't worry Randy, I have it repaired already!)

I think this might just sum up the effort!


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